CMA Pool Rules for the 2020 Season

To comply with guidelines put out by the CDC and the local health department, the CMA.

Board of Directors have issued the following rules for the 2020 Pool Season. The pool rules below must be adhered to at all times. Any group/member/renter not following the prescribed rules, will be requested by the pool attendant or Site Manager to leave the
pool area immediately and forfeit their time slot for the day. If there is a repeated violation by a particular group/member/renter, they will be subject to forfeiting their pool
privileges for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Pool Hours: 11 am to 5 pm – Sunday through Thursday

11 am to 7 pm Friday and Saturday

Pool Area Set up: The pool grounds will be sectioned off in four distinct areas labeled 1 thru 4 that can each accommodate up to 4 people (maximum) in your party. There will
also be a 5th small area at the pool, designated for individuals who may wish to sign up by themselves (single swimmers). These areas are strategically placed, allowing for
social distancing of at least 6 feet. Once the capacity of the pool area reaches a total of 16 people per two-hour slot, the pool attendant will not allow additional people onto the
pool grounds until the next available reservation time.

Sign up/sign in for Pool—Each guest may sign up for a 2-hour block of time with the pool attendant. Sign-ups can only be made on the day you wish to visit the pool. There are no advanced reservations for future dates. Each guest may only sign up
for one time slot per day. If the next block of time is not full, the previous group may extend their stay for the next block of time, providing space is available for the group.

You may make a reservation by:
 By Phone: Beginning at 10am each day, you may call the pool attendant at 304-258-5245 and provide your name, house/lot number, number in party, and requested reservation time.

Pool Passes will be required for verification of lot # and member/member guest.

Sign up for hot tub: Each residence using the 2-hour time slot, may sign up for a 15-minute slot to use the hot tub Hot tub reservations can only be made once you are at
the pool during your reservation time. Similar to the pool area rules, the pool attendant will designate slots and keep track of the time. The time slot may only be used by the
same party/group they came in with, designated by the pool area 1 thru 4. There will be no sharing of hot tub access with multiple groups.

Using the Pool: Noted earlier in this document not 16 people can be on the pool grounds; however safe social distancing “in the pool” would be no more than 16 people at one time. No pool rafts, inner tubes, or pool noodles will be allowed this season.
Additionally, individuals who may have incontinence problems or individuals in diapers will not be allowed in the pool.

Pool Area Touch Points: All pool furniture (chairs and tables) has been removed for the 2020 season.  People wanting to use the pool must provide their own seating and
must take it with them upon departure. The pool attendant will use disinfectant on pool
grab bars and railings each hour, while the pool is open. They will disinfect the hot tub railings after each usage period. Upon open and closing, the pool attendant will wipe
down touchpoints again.

Social Distancing: We are requesting that groups stay together and do not mingle with people in other assigned areas. Please use the six (6) foot social distancing rule.
We highly recommend that while you are out of the pool on the pool grounds that you have some type of face covering or mask. There will be signs reminding people to social
distance and to remember the risk of COVID-19 in a public place.

Bathrooms: The CMA bathhouse and bathrooms will be closed for the 2020 season. An outdoor shower has been installed for individuals to use. It is highly encouraged that
pool goers change, etc. at their house prior to coming to the pool.
The CMA Board of Directors will continue to evaluate the best course of action for moving forward with opening CMA amenities, with the safely of our residents and
guests as their first priority. The Board will monitor the pool rules set forth above and will make modifications to them, as/if needed.